Building Usage

A Note About Weddings:  If you're interested in getting married here, please attend one of our Sunday worship services to inquire, no phone calls or emails please.

The Board of Trustees of Dilworth UMC believes that the buildings and properties of this church are for the purpose of Christian worship, education, fellowship, and community service.  The following rules and policies have been prepared to govern the use of the facilities.
Groups utilizing Dilworth UMC property will be classified into the following categories:
  • Groups established by the church, i.e. Sunday school classes, church committees, etc.  Groups in this category do not need to fill out a Room Reservation Request form, but do need to alert the Office Manager to put the event on the calendar and reserve the room.
  • Groups adopted by the church, which are recognized as church sponsored and which promote church outreach, i.e. preschool programs, AA, district and conference events.  Groups in this category need to fill out a Room Reservation Request form and submit it to the Office Manager 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.  Groups must have a custodian present if the event occurs after business hours.
  • Outside groups with no recognized affiliation with DUMC, i.e. civic groups, schools, athletic associations and other churches.  The group must be a non-profit organization whose purposes and activities contribute to the welfare of the community at large.  Objectives and activities of the group conducted on church property must not be in conflict with the mission of DUMC. Groups in this category must have a church member make the request for using the space, be the liaison for using the space, and be present while the space is being used.  Groups must have a custodian present if the event occurs after business hours.  Groups will need to provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance Liability and fill out a Room Reservation Request form, submitting both to the Office Manager 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event. 
Priority will be given to church related groups. In rare instances unforeseen needs of the church for the use of the facilities, such as weddings or funerals, may take precedence over previously scheduled events.  In such a case it might be necessary to reschedule the event or restrict the use of parking areas.  The church will make every effort to avoid such conflicts.
The facility may only be used in a manner and to the extent stated in the Room Reservation Request.
None of the facilities may be used for the purpose of making a profit for the private benefit of any of the group’s members.
Groups may request set-up time for rooms when they submit the Room Reservation Request form.  Groups can request set-up time 48 hours prior to the event, however due to varying room schedules, set-up time can only be guaranteed for 1 hour prior to the event.
All groups must provide adequate adult supervision.  Adult supervisors will be responsible for maintaining discipline and order at all times. 
Permission to use the church facilities and equipment does not include liability on the part of the church for property damage or personal injuries resulting from the group’s activities or events.
Use of alcohol or illicit drugs is expressly forbidden on church property.
Smoking is not permitted inside of the church facilities.  If smoking outside on the grounds, you are responsible for not leaving the remains on the grounds.
No food or beverages may be served unless arrangements have been made on the reservation form.  The kitchen facilities will not be available unless they have been reserved.
Groups will be responsible for leaving the facilities used in such a condition that another group could use them immediately afterwards.  Please replace furniture and equipment in its original position, leave the kitchen and kitchen equipment in clean condition, and dispose of trash in the outside dumpster.  Please wipe up spills immediately and report them to the custodian.
If there is any damage to the church property resulting from a group’s use, the group will be responsible for the cost of repair.  No decorations may be attached to fixed portions of the facilities or attached in any way that will leave damaging effects to the building or furnishings.  The use of candles or open flames is not permitted unless specific approval has been granted.
Equipment will not be added to or removed from rooms unless arrangements were made on the Reservation Request. 
Room reservations will include a time in and time out.  If another group is waiting, facilities will be relinquished immediately upon termination of the reserved time.
The contact person for the group is responsible for ensuring that all lights are turned off, the reserved rooms are clean, doors are locked, and the key is returned to the Office Manager.
These are guidelines for the use of DUMC facilities.  Any exception to this policy or items not specifically addressed by this policy shall require approval by the Senior Minister or Office Manager.
Fee schedule
Note: These fees do not apply to weddings.

The facilities of Dilworth UMC are available for use according to the following fee schedule.  Fees are listed on a per day basis.

Any DUMC member seeking to use the church facilities on behalf of an outside organization is welcomed to seek exception from the fee schedule through the Board of Trustees.
Descriptions of Group A, B, and C are given in item #1 of the church usage policy.
ROOMS                                                       GROUP A                             GROUPS B & C
Sanctuary                                                                 0                                           $150
Langford Hall                                                           0                                           $100
Kitchen                                                                     0                                           $100
Classrooms                                                              0                                           $50
Custodial Charges                                                                                                   $25/hr.
Groups will pay full fees in advance of using the facilities:
  • For room usage fees, checks payable to DUMC with “room usage fee” on memo line
  • For custodial fees, checks payable to Jimmy Davis.
Donations are gladly accepted from members to offset any utility and custodial costs.