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"Footloose," Friendship and Faith October 26, 2015

Many of you have commented on what a great outreach and public relations vehicle our “Footloose” production was for Dilworth Church. From the excellent two-page newspaper article to the hundreds of people who came to the show, to the banner on East Blvd. and on our webpage that communicated what we were doing, we created a positive impression in many people’s minds. Some of them may come as our guests to worship because of the article or because of their attendance at the play. Some of the participants in the show have already begun to visit because of the love and hospitality they experienced.

The show also brought in significant funds from sponsorships and ticket sales that will be used for a large donation to The Relatives, for church budget needs, and for the seed funds for next year’s production. All good. But perhaps the very best outcome of doing the spring musical is the opportunity it gave 50 or 60 people to come together and work on something together.

One new member who participated in the show said, “I loved it because I got to know so many people that I would never know otherwise. You can’t really get to know someone well by just saying hello on Sunday mornings, or over coffee before or after worship. When you practice and mess up and laugh and cry and cut up and encourage each other and create something together, you really become friends. I made so many new friends in the church.”

The same thing happens on mission trips, when we build Habitat houses together, when we serve at the Men’s Shelter together, when we work on VBS together, when we sing in the choir or play in the Worship Band together, when we cook and serve a Fellowship Lunch together, or when we participate in youth group or 45.1 or some other group together. Not only do we become real to each other, and form friendships beyond surface relationships, but we also experience friendship with Christ who is in our midst. His presence and Spirit gives us grace, patience, kindness, generosity, and love that create a different kind of community than we find elsewhere. What we create together is special. The bonds we build, the memories we make, the outcome we produce, and what we learn about each other and about ourselves make the time and effort worthwhile. And our faith grows as we see firsthand how God is at work in our midst.

That’s why I continue to encourage every one of us to really get involved in the life of Dilworth Church – this amazing community of faith. Just showing up for worship isn’t enough, if you want to really belong, to find true friends, or to experience God’s power in your life. You have to sign up, volunteer, show up for something that you give your time, talent, energy, tears and laughter, love and creativity to. That’s where the good stuff happens.

May you have a fun, restful, enjoyable summer! Travel, spend time with your family, be a little “footloose.” But give yourself a gift and be part of all that’s going on at Dilworth Church this summer, too. Exciting worship, mission trips and camps, VBS, outreach projects, small groups, outdoor movie night, encounters with God, and all kinds of good stuff will be happening here for you!


Grace and peace, Pastor Karen

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