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Ben's Reflection: Getting Your "Mad Game" March 19, 2014

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We live most of our waking hours on the surface.  We head out to school or work, battling traffic, meeting deadlines, fixing supper, showing up for responsibilities and fulfilling our obligations.  When we go to bed at night, we hope to have found happiness in our day, mixed with a little humor and the sense that we have added something worthwhile to the world we live in. 

Then there come those moments when we walk into the sacred.  Often it comes in the most unusual of circumstances and when we least expect it.  We discover why we make daily efforts and for at least a short time all the hassles fall away. We are present in the moment as we encounter something holy. 

Madison Brown, one of the teenagers of our congregation, shared such an experience last Saturday evening. She had volunteered to help host a St. Patrick’s Day Dance in Langford Hall, one of a series of gatherings Dilworth Church holds for intellectually disabled adults.

After the dance Madison posted her thoughts and an image on Instagram.  Because of privacy constraints I am not able to share the photo she refers to but I can describe two women, one 17 and the other is in midlife. They are cheek to cheek with holy happiness on their faces.  The older of the two wears her St. Patrick celebration beads. They are companions on the dance floor, celebrating the night.

I share her brief post as this week’s Reflection.

Madie Brown:  I know this is kinda blurry but tonight I danced with a bunch of wild ones and this crazy lady was one of them, she's burdened with the disease of autism but lives life to its fullest and enjoys every aspect with all her heart. I want to be exactly like her when I grow up and if I'm lucky I'll be able to dance like her and pick up all the fella’s (she's got mad game).

Thanks Madison. You brought a glimpse of God’s Kingdom to Dilworth Church.



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