The mission of Dilworth's Amplify team is to amplify compassion by amplifying marginalized voices in our community.

Amplify Kids seeks to teach about issues like race, socioeconomic status, gender, ability, and other “isms” in age-appropriate ways. Amplify Kids will empower kids to make a positive impact on the world through activities and fun learning materials. 

Talking about war & What we can do

Sickness. War. Financial hardships. We are living in uncertain, sometimes scary times. Grasping the complexities of world events like what is happening in Ukraine is difficult for children to understand. This article from UNICEF gives some practical, straightforward ideas for ways to talk about war with your child, if you would like assistance figuring out where to begin.

What Can We Do?
The war that is occurring is impacting children and families (read more here). One thing that is helpful when discussing war with your child is linking it to an action. We will begin collecting coins for kids in Ukraine this Sunday to be donated to UNICEF, who is providing vital humanitarian supplies to children and their families now. Look for a jar in the Sunday school room and in the narthex of the sanctuary. Encourage your child to use some of their coins from their piggy bank, create or make something to sell, offer to do some chores for payment. Let's model how to put our faith into action to support our brothers and sisters in need.

UNICEF Coin Drive for ukraine

It has been incredible to see the response to support children in Ukraine. Our children helped raise over $1,000 for UNICEF this weekend! There is still time to donate - just let Anna know. Thank you for modeling for our kids what generous compassion in action is all about!


Safe Sanctuaries

Safe Sanctuaries is about creating safe, secure, and nurturing environments to help all persons become a sign of Christ's love for the world. 

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