Dilworth's Amplify team's mission is to amplify compassion by amplifying marginalized voices in our community, including those marginalized by their race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or any others searching for equity.   This team is committed to challenging our congregation to amplify justice, mercy, and humility to create a more compassionate church.  Learn more about the Amplify team by reading the newsletters and joining the next book club.

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Amplify highlights

February Newsletter

February's reflection came from our Director of Children's Ministries, Anna Sink. Anna is bibliophile and wanted the schools on our church campus to have books that represented all types of people. Her Diverse Book Drive kicked off at the beginning of the month and has been very successful!  

"...books about characters that are different from them helps our children develop a greater understanding of the people around them and the world in which we live. For those students who are in the minority, it’s crucial that they see themselves represented in books so that they realize they are not alone, weird, or lesser-than." 

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Learning in the Community

In November 2021, the Amplify team took a trip to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture. Race is a difficult topic to talk about, but going out into our community and learning from those around us, we can commit to being better educated people and those who are more socially aware.

The October and November newsletters both discuss race and the writer's relationship with race throughout their lives. We encourage you to go through the resources provided in each newsletter to gain a deeper knowledge. 

Archived Amplify Newsletters

We like to keep our Amplify newsletters available and accessible so that your Amplify journey never has to stop.

If you are new to the Amplify team, we encourage you to pick a few reflections at random to read. You never know what you might learn that way! 

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Amplify Kids

Amplify Kids seeks to teach about issues like race, socioeconomic status, gender, ability, and other “isms” in age-appropriate ways.

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