Easter Egg Hunt Reimagined

Easter Egg Hunt Reimagined

Hello Dilworth Friends and Families, unfortunately, we will not be able to have a traditional Easter Egg Hunt this year. However, we would love to invite you to help us out with a Reimagined Easter Egg Hunt! If you would like to participate, please put an egg (real, plastic, window cling,paper, etc.) in your window between Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th, so that families who are walking outside at good social distancing lengths can still search for eggs! Please post pictures of egg discoveries to our Facebook with the #easteregg.

How to get involved:

  1. Place an Easter Egg (real, fake, window cling etc. ) between April 4th and 5th.
  2. Print This Sign to put beside egg.
  3. Share with your neighbors to see if they will play along.

To Play:

1. Take a social distance walk with your family on April 4th or 5th and search for Easter Eggs in your neighborhood.
2. When you find an egg, take a picture and post to Dilworth Church Facebook Page with the #easteregg!


Thanks for playing along,
Ashton Sherrin

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  1. This is brilliant!!! Maybe even better than the ordinary style because grown-ups are needed!!! Go Dilworth UMC!!

    1. Post

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