Easter Story Lesson Scavenger Hunt

Hello Friends,

It is so hard to be away from one another for so long. I hope that by doing an Easter Lesson and Scavenger Hunt we might be able to feel like we are together, even if we are far apart.

Below you will find a couple videos,  two Easter-themed Scavenger Hunts (age-appropriate), and some think about it questions.  Help your child find the items and send an email or text to Ms. Ashton and she will share some of the images on Facebook on APRIL 5th PALM SUNDAY.

Watch It:


Play It:

For Upper Elementary:

For Lower Elementary and Pre-K:

BRANCH—the people waved branches from palm trees
SOMETHING PRICKLY—his “crown” was made of thorns
DONKEY- Jesus rode on a Donkey (picture or stuffed animal)
CROSS OR X SHAPE—Jesus was hung on a cross
SOMETHING WHITE  —Christ was wrapped in white linen before being placed in the tomb
A STONE –it was a huge stone at the opening of the tomb that the angel removed
SOMETHING LIVING—to remind us that Christ surely lives.  He died and was resurrected.
BUTTERFLY- a symbol of resurrection
SUN- Symbol of Hope

Bonus Items For All: Create Your Own Last Supper Picture, Take a picture of a Palm branch (can be homemade), Find a silver coin


Talk About It:

What items did we find that remind us of the story of Jesus?
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Do you think Jesus was God’s Son? What part of the story makes you think that?

I can’t wait to see you all again!

Ashton Sherrin


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