Financial giving is a spiritual practice of trust as we journey in our faith.  As we mature in faith it becomes a privilege to generously share in our gratitude for the gifts that God has poured upon us. 

Dilworth is a church that generously gives to the community and encourages its members  to grow in faith through giving. Without your gifts we could not be in ministry to the neighborhood and world nor could we make disciples to transform the world.  It takes all of  us working together with our prayers, presence, GIFTS, service and witness.

At Dilworth you have several channels of giving whether it is through checks and cash in the offertory plate as an act of worship or our online giving through PayPal.  You can also set up bank drafts that go directly to the church. We encourage all members to find the way that works best with your lifestyle, money management and spiritual journey.

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Legacy Giving

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We also have available legacy giving for those who wish to ensure the future of Dilworth’s impact on the community through our Endowment. 

Dilworth’s Endowment is a gift to our church family and community as it ensures that our beautiful, historic campus is maintained and that missions are funded. 

There are different ways to give through our Endowment.

If you would like more information on that please contact our Senior Pastor, Michelle Chappell  or  Gary Bost.