Resurrection People

Greetings to you Dilworth family,

How I miss seeing each of you and sharing in fellowship face to face.  I’ve heard from many that you are missing our times together as well. It seems that it will be a while before we can come back together in the physical space of our church building.  We will not worship together physically for Easter and at least until May 3rd.  The only circumstance that may change that month-long timeline is if our Governor or Mayor lift restrictions on the gathering of groups larger than 50.  IF that happens before May 3rd, we will rejoice and gather as Resurrection people!

While it may seem to be the very time for the faithful to gather in the presence of one another let us take comfort in the knowledge that we are doing what Jesus calls us to do — “loving one another.”  During this Coronavirus our social distancing EVEN in worship helps save lives by stopping the spread of the disease. We are sacrificing our connections in person in order to safeguard those we love, and even those we don’t know, from a devastating virus.  For some of our folks, contact with the virus might be more than their bodies could handle. I believe that I can sacrifice seeing your beautiful faces in person, or shaking your hands or even a good ole’ fashion hug, for the good of your health and wholeness.  

While we may not be worshipping in our beautiful sanctuary on Easter let us not forget that Easter still comes.  Easter happens every Sunday when we worship Jesus Christ our Lord in whatever form is available to us. Join us online via Facebook.  My friends, resurrection happens every day we have the good fortune to have breath. Resurrection happens every day we say “I believe.”  Resurrection happens every day that we allow ourselves to be used by God to “love our neighbor.” And let’s not forget that Jesus rose and left the tomb empty when no human was present.  It was only later that Mary and the other women were witnesses to his resurrection — after the fact. So too we do the same. We WILL celebrate Easter. We will celebrate Easter online on April 12th.  But I make you this promise, the first Sunday we are back together at 605 East Blvd., we WILL CELEBRATE Easter with flowers, fanfare, Hallelujah chorus and fellowship galore.

Till then my family let us hold onto the hope of resurrection and eternal life.  Let us be in prayer for all who are affected by this virus. Let us be in prayer for our nation and world that healing will come quickly.  In the meantime know I am here for you, as is all the staff and leaders of Dilworth. If you need anything at all please reach out to us through email or a phone call.  Until our next time of gathered presence may the grace and peace of Jesus Christ, and the shared love of the Body of Christ, empower and strengthen you through these days.



Pastor Michelle


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