Education and loving care for children are a historic hallmark of Dilworth United Methodist Church and we are proud and honored to be home to three excellent schools. Our priority is that all of our children have the resources to learn and grow in a safe, caring and fun environment. We consider it a privilege to have the facility and resources to provide such a valuable ministry to our community.

Below please find more information about the highly accredited Dilworth Child Development Center, Dilworth Weekday School, and Speech Garden Institute.


Dilworth Child Development Center

Dilworth Child Development Center (DCDC) is a mission of Dilworth United Methodist Church and has been a pillar of high quality child care in the community since 1978. DCDC is a 5 star rated facility that prides itself on developing the whole child: physical, cognitive, language, spiritual, social and emotional growth.

Many teachers who have been at DCDC for over 15 years and others have served with over 30 years of tenure. This longevity helps us maintain the child-centered culture and mission. DCDC believes children learn best through varied experiences offered throughout the day. Play based learning is achieved by intentional experiences and language prompted by our knowledgeable and creative teachers.

By the age of three, 80% of a child’s brain development has taken place and by the age of five it is 90% of brain development. This is a critical time of growth and it is an honor to partner with families in their child’s learning and growth in all areas of development.

For more information contact Dilworth Child Development Center at

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Dilworth Weekday School

The Dilworth Weekday School (WDS) is a half-day preschool program, serving children ages 1 to 5 years old*. The School year runs from early September to late May.

  • Serve children aged 1 by August 31st through 5
  • School year runs from early September through late May
  • Vaccinations must be up to date to be enrolled

For more information:

Hours: 9AM-12:30PM
Office Hours: 8:30AM-2:00PM
Director: Lee Anna Clark
Phone: 704.333.4173 x191

How to apply:

  1. Call to schedule tour. Tours are by appointment and given on Thursdays at 11:00, and other days during the January/February enrollment period
  2. Contact Weekday School Director Mary Beth Allred by phone or email.  (If email, please provide the following information: name of parents & children, age, birthdate, confirm that they are current with vaccinations and a phone number for me to call them.)

If enrolling during the January/early February enrollment season:

  • For currently enrolled families and siblings, as well as DUMC church members- Submit enrollment form and registration fee by the due date- January 31st
  • For first time registrations from the community- Submit enrollment form and registration fee by the due date- Friday, February 7th

If enrolling outside of enrollment season, please contact the director to check availability or to be added to our wait list.

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Speech Garden

The Speech Garden Institute Sensory & Communication Preschool is designed to serve children with cognitive skills in the average to above-average range who have moderate to severe speech and/or language delays.

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