Dilworth United Methodist Weekday School
is a small preschool located in the heart of Dilworth.

We are a school where children thrive both socially and academically
and families feel a strong sense of community.

Our History

Our school was created in 2004 by Dilworth United Methodist Church in an effort to offer the community a preschool of excellence for children ages one through five (pre-kindergarten). Our mission is to provide children a place to learn and grow through active participation in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in a nurturing Christian environment.

The program runs Monday-Friday and has several schedule choices for students. The school hours are 9:00-12:30 with an extended day option available for children aged 2 and up. The Extended Day Program allows children the opportunity to stay an extra half hour either before or after school.

The School

We are proud that we are able to offer children:

  • An open-ended, developmentally appropriate curriculum where problem-solving is encouraged and learning is exciting.
  • Classrooms that focus on the development of the whole child. Intellectual, social and self-help skills are taught in an effort to have each child reach his/her potential.
  • Experienced teachers who enjoy teaching and understand how young children learn best. Their goal is to offer each of their students the tools necessary to begin their journey as engaged, life-long learners.
  • A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) lab that is changed monthly around a unique theme for exploration and experimentation.  Students attend a weekly guided session with our STEM teacher to delve into each topic.
  • A variety of enrichment activities. Students participate in a weekly music class that is brought to campus in an effort to expose children to a variety of musical activities including singing, movement and instrument exploration. Students also participate in a movement/mindfulness class every week. Older children participate in off-site field trips which include visits to our neighborhood fire station, Discovery Place, Imaginon and plays at Charlotte Children’s Theatre.
  • A Prekindergarten class whose goal is to prepare children for a successful year in kindergarten.
  • A nurturing Christian environment where every child feels that they have infinite worth because he/she is a child of God. Developmentally-appropriate Chapel lessons are taught on a regular basis by church staff. Blessings are given each day before lunch.

The Dilworth Weekday School does not discriminate against any applicant because of religious affiliation, race, age, gender, or handicap.

What are your enrollment choices?

Toddler/Ones Class

  • Tuesday/Thursday
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Twos Class

  • Tuesday/Thursday
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Monday to Friday

Threes Class

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Monday to Friday

Pre-Kindergarten Class

  • Monday to Friday

What is your tuition schedule?
2 days per week $255 per month
3 days per week $300 per month
5 days per week $405 per month

*Financial assistance is available for a limited number of spaces. Please contact the director for more information.

A registration form and a non-refundable registration fee must be turned into our school in order to complete the registration process. This registration fee is fixed and applicable any time during the school year when a child enrolls.
$125 per child (New families)
$110 per child (Currently enrolled students & siblings)

How do I register my child for the upcoming school year?

Remember that DWS is a half-day preschool in session from September through May. Eligibility in our program is based on the child’s age on August 31st. We require a medical report and proof of current vaccinations at the start of school.

Currently, enrolled students, siblings, and DUMC church members have priority registration due by January 31, 2020.
Community applications are due by February 7, 2020.

Registration forms and deposits may be turned in to the DWS office, the DUMC office, or through the mail. Make checks payable to Dilworth Weekday School.

Can I register for Dilworth Weekday School outside the winter registration season?

Applications are accepted after this date on a space-available basis. If no space is available, you may choose to submit an application and be added to a wait list. Your registration fee will not be charged until enrollment.

How can I visit the school?

Tours are offered on Thursdays at 11:15 by appointment. Please call or e-mail with your name, contact information including a phone number, your child’s name and birthday, confirmation of vaccines, and the desired class for the upcoming year.

What curriculum do you use?

Classroom teachers use The Creative Curriculum as a guide for their lesson plans. Each day allows for children to have circle time (whole group instruction), choice time in a variety of classroom centers as well as individual and small group instruction. The curriculum focuses on four areas of development: cognitive, social/emotional, language and physical.

A focus on developing important literacy skills is central.
“Children need regular and active interactions with print. Specific abilities required for reading and writing come from immediate experiences with oral and written language. From these experiences, children learn that reading and writing are valuable tools that will help them do many things in life.” - The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s position statement on learning to read and write.

Our teachers understand that learning to value reading, learning to understand the parts of a book and comprehend the subject matter of a book is important as well as learning letter and sound recognition. These objectives are all taken into account when planning various literacy lessons.

Children are well prepared for kindergarten because of early exposure to important pre-reading and writing skills. Math and science are also incorporated into classroom lesson plans even for the youngest of students. Math activities and manipulatives are used in many ways in order to teach children number sense, patterning, counting, sorting and measurement. Older children have many opportunities to participate in science lessons and experimentation.

Exposure to the outside world and creative experiences are also an important part of each school day. Our school supports the belief that: “In play, a child always behaves beyond his average age, above his daily behavior. In play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself.” - Lev Vygotsky, Russian psychologist, Educational theorist.

What about family events?

It is our hope that parents will develop lasting relationships with their children’s cohort, and offer many fellowship opportunities throughout the year at The Weekday School. Some events include:

  • Ice Cream Socials on the playground
  • Class Play Dates
  • Gatherings for parents to enjoy coffee and conversation
  • The Weekday School’s Annual Breakfast with Santa
  • Classroom Holiday Celebrations & Read-Aloud
  • The End of Year Summer Send-Off Celebration 
  • Spring Fling in our courtyard
  • An Invitation to children ages 3+ to attend DUMC's Vacation Bible School

*Parent participation is so important! Parents are also welcome and encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms or chaperone field trips. Parents are invited to come and have lunch with their child.

Do you offer a summer camp?

Our school offers four weeks of fun-filled summer camp for children one year of age to rising kindergarteners. These camps are open to our current families and to the community as well. A camp class for older siblings will be offered this summer as well during sessions 2, 3 & 4. Campers can be as young as one to attend DWS camp, but we do ask that these toddlers are enrolled for the fall, sturdy walkers, can drink from sippy cups and eat table food. Many new families to DWS find that enrolling in camp is a great opportunity for their children to meet future classmates as well as some of our teachers. Camp hours are 9:00-12:30 pm, M-F.

Camp dates and themes for the summer of 2020:

Our fun-filled summer camp will beat summer boredom for our friends in the rising 2s and up. These camps are open to our current families as well as the community. A camp class for older siblings up to rising 3rd graders will be offered this summer during sessions 2, 3 & 4. Camp hours are 9:00-12:30 pm, Monday - Thursday. 

Join us for a Summer of STEM! To continue with our STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiative here at DUMC Weekday School, we'll again offer four sessions of hands-on summer camp. Each week we'll introduce a new engaging topic to pique your child's interests and stimulate curiosity! Our camp is designed to keep the learning alive during the long summer days, as well as nurture the friendships kids have made this past year. Choose one or all four. We hope to see your child there! 

Session 1: June 1-4 ~ Music Madness All kids love music, and all kids love working with their hands. This week we've combined a study of music and sound with engineering to encourage children to make their own instruments and explore how materials impact sound. We’ll explore different instruments in the music lab and do a performance to cap off the week! 

Session 2: June 8-11 ~ Kitchen Concoctions Scientists and chefs unite for everyone’s favorite summer camp! We will mix, combine, cook and experiment with a variety of materials- some to play with and some to sample. Children will work with wholesome ingredients to make healthy snacks as well make fun sensory concoctions. 

Session 3: June 15-18 ~ There’s No Place Like Space 3-2-1, blast off! Our young astronauts will experience life as space explorers and scientists as they learn all about outer space . Campers will take a walk on the moon, create their own stars and planets, and even experience a volcanic eruption and meteor shower! This week will be out of this world, with a wide variety of hands-on science discovery, interesting art projects, and creative play in our STEAM Lab turned NASA Headquarters. Be sure to join our space mission before it's too late! 

Session 4: June 22-25 ~ Ocean Commotion Does your child enjoy animals? Do they love the water? Campers will become marine biologists as they use their senses to explore the ocean! They'll investigate several key marine species such as sharks and whales, as well as smaller animals such as jellyfish and the coral reef. Children will engage in exciting sensory experiences, create open- ended art, and dive into imaginative play in our STEAM Lab turned Biology Research Institute. No doubt that your child's interest will be piqued as they paint like an octopus, dive for shells, dissect a jellyfish, and blow bubbles like a whale. 

Fill out separate forms if you are enrolling more than one child. A current medical report and proof of vaccinations must be on file with the school by May 1, 2020 to attend summer camp. 

Useful Forms