Shadows: Lenten Devotion With Pastor Michelle

During the season of Lent we sometimes look at the shadows that surrounded Jesus as he journeyed to the cross.  I even did a sermon series last year on those shadows.  We often think that that only danger lurks in the shadows.  We often forget there is also a positive effect in that shadow.  It’s called light.  There has to be light for there to be a shadow.  That’s how it is with shadows throughout life, there is usually a positive for each negative.

In the days of Covid-19 it’s easy to focus on the shadows.  I invite us to look at the light, the positives that are occurring.  In my busy world the shadow of quarantine has given me permission to pause in the stillness of home and grab some needed rest.  I’ve noticed people checking in on others who they normally wouldn’t.  I’ve seen helpers rising up in their free time, even in the shadow of not working while perhaps not receiving pay during this time.  In the shadow of not being able to “go” to church, people are learning how much they value worshipping God together.  In the fear of loved one contracting Covid-19 is the realization of how precious our loved ones are to us.


While being realistic of our present day I am choosing to look past the shadows to the gift held within them.  The gift is Light.  The light is Jesus who comes to us where we are with grace that abounds.  Of Jesus it is said: “What has come into being in him was life and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” (John 1:3-5)


I love the way Sister Macrina puts the gift of shadows into perspective.  May it be our prayer for the day.



Wide-eyed and excited

I see the gifts I used to stumble over

Praying with the shadow

I have come to understand it.

Leading me into its secret

it has shown me

that it doesn’t lie.

Quietly, it proclaims

the existence

of something deeper

something real.


Study the shadow

and you will find the gift.

With eyes wide open

you can see through the shadow

all the way through

to a deeper truth.


Yes, even shadows

can make you wise

once you’ve discovered

how to look.

For every shadow

hides a gift.

And because of that

I love shadows.

(Seasons Of You Heart, p. 89, Macrina Wiederkehr)




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