Step Away Moment: Simple Things

“O God, we praise you for the small, simple things: for music that pierces the chaos of life with joy, for the health at the edge of sickness, for the moment’s quiet in the hours of storm, for the few that held when the many broke and ran, for the honest sound in a city of noise.  We praise you for the minor key, the oblique kindness, the hidden joy.” -Donna Schaper


A theme I have noticed in our step away moments is the joy and hope that can be found in the simple things of life. When our larger society is engulfed by panic, sickness, and division, God gives us the ability to refocus our attention to the small signs of love and grace in our lives. From the beauty of flowers and sidewalk chalk, to time spent with family and four-legged friends, to the blessing of ordering our lives with new habits and practices, our staff has chosen to remember the hidden joys during this time.

I am reminded of how Noah sends out a dove from the ark after 40 days of flood.  The world has been changed drastically in a short amount of time, and good news is hard to come by for Noah. However, the dove returns with an olive branch which for Noah is a sign of hope and the promise of a return to normalcy.  Sometimes a small moment can symbolize an important change. I hope that this prayer would invite you to find an ‘olive branch’ moment during this season. I pray that “the minor key, the oblique kindness, and the hidden joy” would give you renewed faith in the goodness of God.



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